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cultivating resilience

7 Strategies for Cultivating Resilience in the Midst of Uncertainty

Receiving a chronic illness diagnosis is a life-altering event that can evoke a whirlwind of emotions including fear, uncertainty, and anxiety. Resilience is a lifeline, offering solace, cultivating strength and anchoring...
Low energy date night ideas at home

17 Low Energy Date Night Ideas in the Comfort of Your Home

Spending quality time with significant others can be a delicate balancing act when you have low energy.  Whether you have small children, a demanding job or a chronic illness with unpredictable...
products for chronic illness

My 15 Essential Chronic Illness Must Haves: Products to Enhance Your Quality of Life

Navigating life with chronic illness can be much more manageable with the right tools. In this article, I share my tried-and-true chronic illness must haves.  This post contains affiliate links. If you...
feel like a burden to others

Effective Coping Strategies When You Feel Like a Burden

Chronic illness symptoms can make it difficult or impossible to perform basic activities unassisted. It’s not uncommon to feel like a burden when you must depend on others. This article will...
How to survive chronic illness

How to Deal With Chronic Illness And Its Impact on Your Life

Chronic illness can uproot life as you know it. Every day brings new challenges as you learn how to adapt to your new way of living.  Understanding how to deal with...
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