My 15 Essential Chronic Illness Must Haves: Products to Enhance Your Quality of Life

products for chronic illness

Navigating life with chronic illness can be much more manageable with the right tools. In this article, I share my tried-and-true chronic illness must haves. 

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chronic illness must haves

This list represents chronic illness essentials that everyone can benefit from, regardless of your condition. That’s because we can all use products that promote:

  • More restful sleep 
  • Pain relief
  • Better gut health 
  • Reduced toxic load
  • Improved overall health
  • Healthier skin and hair

 Below are my 15 top chronic illness must haves that have helped me through the years.

My 15 All-time Favorite Chronic Illness Must Haves

Products to help you sleep better

Sleep seems so evasive when you need it the most. Like when you’re not well. But sleep is an important part of the healing process.

Hormones released while sleeping promote healing cell repair. Insufficient sleep can produce inflammation in the body. It can also contribute to higher blood sugar levels and even obesity. 

Medication, illness, discomfort and external factors can easily rob you of the precious sleep you require. 

The chronic illness essentials below help keep out light and external noise, two main disruptors of a good night’s sleep. 

Blackout Curtains 

Are you one of those people who manages to get a more sound sleep while on vacation?

You may attribute the extra zzz’s to the relaxed atmosphere. But have you ever noticed how dark hotel rooms are with the curtains closed?  No street lights, headlights or daylight is getting past those curtains. 

Exposure to light while sleeping can result in repeated awakenings. This decreases the time spent in deep, restorative sleep.

Blackout curtains greatly minimize the amount of external light.

I like these curtains because they also provide a thermal barrier from outdoor cold and heat. 

Room Darkening Blinds

I use room darkening blinds with my blackout curtains to provide added coverage. Because even with blackout curtains light can sometimes creep in around the window’s perimeter.

Combining room darkening blinds with blackout curtains is a chronic illness must have for daytime napping. 
I like these blinds because they’re custom cut to fit any width. 

Eye Mask

Let’s face it, we’re living in an electronic age. Turn your lights off at night and your electronics will light up like Christmas lights. 

If you’re extra sensitive to light you’ll definitely benefit from using an eye mask. Even if you don’t think you are, try it out. You may be surprised.

This mask offers fuller coverage than some of the other contoured masks. 

Ear plugs

If you really want the ultimate sleep experience, try using ear plugs with the eye mask. However this suggestion comes with a warning.

If you are the only adult in a house with young children this may not be a good fit. Because you will literally sleep like the dead! 

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Chronic illness essentials for pain relief

Pain Patches

Pain patches provide you with targeted pain relief for areas like your back, neck, legs, arms and hips. 

At times, I suffer from grinding lower back pain. When I put on 1-2 patches at night, the pain is gone by the time I wake up in the morning.

I prefer to use this product at night because it does have a menthol smell.

Heating Pad

No one who experiences pain on an ongoing basis should be without a heating pad.

A heating pad is the gift that keeps on giving.  For a nominal price, you get unlimited pain relief. Applying heat to the affected area can provide relief within 10 to 30 minutes. 

Chronic illness products to improve gut health

Squatty Potty

If constipation is a concern for you, the Squatty Potty  should be your closest companion.

Sitting on the toilet with your feet on the floor causes kinks in the colon which impedes and restricts wastes. The squatty potty promotes better posture and alignment.

Combined with a diet rich in natural fiber, and water, the squatty potty is, hands down, the best at promoting healthy bowel movements.

Spoiler alert: you may be shocked at your…uh…output! 

Chronic illness products to avoid toxins in food and water

BPA is a chemical found in plastics that has been linked to adverse effects. Even BPA-free plastics can be potentially harmful.

Below are a few chronic illness must haves to minimize exposure to these toxins.

PUR Water Filter Pitcher

Water keeps our kidneys functioning, our skin healthy, and helps reduce the risk of constipation among other things.

Many people have ditched tap water to avoid contaminants. However, bottled water can contain “microplastic” particles. These particles can have long-term health risks.

One solution is to filter the water from your tap.  I purchased the largest container available. Refills need to be replaced roughly every 3 months.

Glass storage containers 

Chemicals from plastics can leach into food when warming it in the microwave. If you’re trying to minimize exposure to toxins, consider using glass containers instead.

These containers come in multiple sizes, and in my opinion last much longer than plastic containers.

Stainless steel water bottle

Plastic water bottles have become more popular over the years. Like plastic containers, water bottles made from plastic contain harmful substances. 

Why not invest in a stainless steel water bottle instead. Sipping on a water bottle throughout the day ensures that you stay hydrated.

I like these water bottles because they come in an array of colors. 

Vitamins to help you feel your best

Many people consume diets that are lacking in essential nutrients.

For some, avoiding foods is necessary to reduce the risk of a reaction. Many others just don’t have time to prepare nutritious meals. 

But vitamins and other nutrients are essential to feel and look your best. Some even promote healing.

The chronic illness products below help reduce inflammation and increase energy.


Studies have shown that Omega-3 and Vitamin D can actually reverse the progression of some autoimmune diseases.

Omega-3 also helps to reduce inflammation associated with other chronic conditions.

I like this brand because it’s highly recommended.   I also like the mild lemony flavor. You won’t taste fish when you burp.

Vitamin D

Deficiency in Vitamin D is very common worldwide.

Vitamin D deficiency has been linked with an increased risk of developing certain autoimmune diseases. Like Omega-3, Vitamin D reduces inflammation. It’s also important for bone health and can help control infections

I like these teeny tiny gel caps because they’re so  easy to swallow!

Nutrient 950 Multivitamins

Vitamins are essential to maintaining energy levels and functioning at our best. Sometimes we’re quick to blame our chronic conditions when we lack energy. But have you considered that you may just be lacking in essential nutrients?

Personally, I have always lacked energy. From the time I was an adolescent until well after having children, I just never had energy. I blamed my endometriosis for many years. But when I began taking supplements and making dietary changes, my energy level increased dramatically.

I like this brand of  vitamins because it’s gluten-free, dairy and GMO free, and doesn’t contain artificial colors or preservatives.

Pill Organizer

How many times have you forgotten whether you’ve taken all your medicine for the day? If you rely on your daily intake of pills and/or vitamins daily, this is a worthwhile investment.

I like this organizer because there are 2 compartments for each day of the week. And if you take a lot of pills, or large pills, I recommend you get the extra large organizer.  

Skin & Hair Health

When you live with an autoimmune disease or some other chronic health condition, the skin and hair often pay the price. 

Some conditions directly cause hair loss, such as alopecia and hypothyroidism. Others impact the skin such as eczema and psoriasis. 

Hormonal changes like menopause or certain medications can make hair and skin extremely dry. 

Shower filter

Depending on where you live, tap water can either be hard or soft. Hard water results from built up minerals including calcium and magnesium. These substances strip the skin and hair of moisture.

The result is dry, flaky, itchy skin and hair that tangles easily, no matter how much conditioner is applied.

When I replaced my shower head with this filtered shower handle I noticed an immediate difference in my skin and hair.


Living with an autoimmune disease or other chronic illness can be challenging. Don’t suffer unnecessarily. Ensuring the quality of your sleep, reducing toxins, managing pain, and maintaining healthy hair and skin are important steps in helping you look and feel your best.