5 Books That Had The Biggest Impact On My Autoimmune Disease

Had it not been for the recommended books below, I probably would be relying on medication much stronger than my current regimen. The knowledge I gained from reading these books allowed me to make the lifestyle changes that helped minimize my flare-ups.

Back in 2012 when I was diagnosed with pemphigus vulgaris, a blistering autoimmune disease, there was little information available online. Soon after I noticed that certain foods triggered my autoimmune flare-ups. But then, only a handful of websites made the connection between food and flare-ups. My doctor at that time told me to eat whatever I wanted. But my intuition told me otherwise.

I felt as though my health was slipping through my hands like sand. I wanted to do more than just take pills. I wanted to be proactive. So I read became a voracious reader and learned all I could about autoimmune disease.

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Lessons Learned

The books I read confirmed my suspicions about certain foods like gluten and dairy. They also educated me on which foods I should eat more of as well as a handful of other lessons about autoimmunity, the importance of sleep and exercise, the negative effect of toxins, and many more.

I encourage you to learn all you can about how to better manage your disease. But don’t stop there. Take the next step and apply what you’ve learned. The more proactive you become the better you will feel. Everything may not work for everybody, but something WILL work for somebody. Why shouldn’t that somebody be you?

This is what the website is about. Rising up. Taking back your power. Taking charge of your health. We’re not victims we are victors.

The books below have helped me along my journey. 

The Autoimmune Solution, Amy Myers 

The Immune System Recovery Plan, Susan S. Blum

Going Gluten Free, Essential Guide to Managing Celiac Disease and Other Gluten Related Conditions, Mayo Clinic

Gluten Exposed, Peter H. R. Green M.D. and Rory Jones, M. S.

The Sleep Revolution, Transforming Your Life One Night At a Time

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