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Hi, my name is Stella and I’d like to welcome you to my website, Health Uprising Now, your online source of empowerment, support and information to guide you towards optimal health while managing your autoimmune disease. In 2012 I was diagnosed with pemphigus vulgaris (PV), a rare blistering autoimmune disease (click here to read my story).


I had so many questions in the early days of my diagnosis. Why me? How did I end up with this rare disease? Is it genetic? Could it have been prevented? These lingering questions seemed pointless at first. What did it matter how I got the disease, the fact is that there was no cure. But the answers to some of these questions lead me to make the greatest strides in the management of my disease. Here’s why.

The same factors that contribute to the onset of autoimmune disease are likely contributing to flare-ups as well. 

And since the goal of managing autoimmune disease is to reduce flare-ups, avoiding triggers should be at the top of any treatment regimen. But it’s not. Instead, medications are used to suppress the immune system, and with the medication comes a host of side effects. While we may not be able to discontinue our medication, we can better manage our disease to minimize flare ups, which could ultimately reduce our reliance on these medications. At least that’s what happened to me. Although I still take medicine, the dosage is minimal as are the side effects. More importantly my flare ups are practically non-existent, and when they do occur, I barely notice them. Not to mention that I feel better and have more energy than I’ve had in years! I’d like to help you achieve the same results.


1) Understand what it really means to have an autoimmune disease

The key to managing your autoimmune disease is understanding all you can about it.  If you understand the “why” you’ll be more motivated to perform the “what“.  Understanding Autoimmune Disease goes beyond your specific disease to discuss how your immune system is supposed to work and what happens when you have an overactive immune system.

2) Identify your individual triggers.

Did you know there are over 25 potential triggers that can be causing your autoimmune disease to flare up? Click here to receive your free list now so you can identify what your specific triggers are.

3) Discover how to manage your overall health and feel your best in spite of your disease.

You have the power to change your outcome. The Autoimmune Arsenal suggests lifestyle changes you can make to impact your health and take back your power.

4) Learn what you need to not only survive, but thrive with an autoimmune disease.

In Living With Autoimmune Disease I share some important lessons I’ve learned in the years since my diagnosis.

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