30+ Delicious Dairy and Gluten-Free BBQ Side Dishes to Try This Summer

dairy and gluten free bbq side dishes

Nothing says summer like barbecue, and if you have food sensitivities, that’s no exception. This post contains a curated selection of some of the best gluten-free BBQ side dishes to satisfy your taste buds.

Thinking of hosting a BBQ this summer? Do you or your guests have food sensitivities?  Here you’ll find an assortment of gluten-free, dairy-free side dishes for your BBQ. 

As this list is curated from multiple sources, a little diligence is advised with each recipe. It’s not uncommon for condiments like mayonnaise and mustard to contain gluten. Always look for the gluten-free label when purchasing ingredients.

You’ll also want to check out my Gluten-Free Life Hacks post for tips to avoid getting glutened.

Dairy and Gluten-Free Barbecue Side Dishes To Try This Summer

Once upon a time, living with food allergies and sensitivities made mealtime challenging. Either you had to settle for plain boring rice with your meals, or maybe no starch at all. 

But thanks to gluten-free ingredients and a little creativity, times have changed.

As you’ll see from these recipes, you don’t have to sacrifice nutrition or taste. These dishes are loaded with flavorful ingredients like mango, curry, and basil. And they’re rich in nutrient dense ingredients like avocados, sweet potatoes, kale, spinach and quinoa. 

Some of these dishes add a unique twist on some classic barbecue dishes. For that reason, you’ll find variations of some of the dishes listed here.

 Without further ado, here are 30+ dairy free, gluten free barbecue side dishes.

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The gluten-free BBQ side dishes below are also dairy-free. From salads and slaw to potatoes and spinach, you’ll find the perfect dish whether hot or cold. 

Vegan Mediterranean Quinoa Salad with Chickpeas
Craving a light, but super healthy and high-protein side dish? This is it! The tasty Mediterranean flavors make this easy salad an instant favorite! A must-have for BBQ parties, too!

Tropical Mango Coleslaw
This fun tropical mango slaw combines fresh produce, herbs and a light oil-based dressing. Easy to make as a gluten-free BBQ side dish that’s always a crowd-pleaser!

Oven Roasted Indian Sweet Potatoes
Super healthy and nutritious, these oven roasted Indian style sweet potatoes can be a great snack or a side, especially for those looking for a gluten free and dairy free option.

Air Fryer Cauliflower Steaks
Super crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, these Air Fryer cauliflower steaks are gluten free, dairy free and make for a great side to your simple mains.

Gluten-Free Pasta Salad
This Gluten Free Pasta Salad is a beautiful array of complimentary flavors tossed with a savory Greek-style salad dressing.

Creamy Avocado Coleslaw with Garlic Lime
Get a dose of healthy fats with this creamy avocado coleslaw featuring a garlic-lime dressing that is vegetarian, vegan, and gluten and dairy-free.

Grilled Artichokes with Artichoke Dipping Sauce
This Grilled Artichokes with Artichoke Dipping Sauce is the best artichoke recipe. Grilling adds a smoky flavor that is delicious. The dip is cooling and creamy. The dip is so good that it would go really well with grilled chicken or fish. This recipe is gluten and dairy free.

Authentic Bavarian Potato Salad With Bacon
This gluten and dairy-free barbecue side dish consists of warm potatoes, crisp bacon, and a rich, bright dressing with sautéed onions, fresh herbs, and vinegar.

Lemon Garlic Green Beans
These lemon garlic green beans are bursting with lemony flavor, and lots of garlic too! Green beans roasted and seasoned to perfection.

Easy Vegan Coleslaw
This is an easy German-style vegan coleslaw, with red and white cabbage, carrots, apple, and onion. Topped off with a zesty mustard lemon vinaigrette, you’re sure to enjoy!

​​Crispy Lemon Roasted Crack Broccoli
Tossed in a zesty lemon-garlic sauce with crunchy almonds and pumpkin seeds, this Roasted Crack Broccoli makes a delicious side for any BBQ meal! Plus, it’s both gluten and dairy free!

Four Bean Salad
This quick and easy four bean salad is simple and delicious. With a tangy vinaigrette it can be made ahead and makes a great BBQ side that’s both gluten and dairy free.

Mango Avocado Salad
A delicious warm-weather side dish, this quick-and-easy mango avocado salad is light, bright, and makes good use of seasonal ingredients.

Easy Dairy Free Coleslaw
This healthy coleslaw recipe has a classic coleslaw flavor but is Whole30, Paleo, dairy free, gluten free, and free from added sugars.

Paleo Sweet Potato Fries
Perfect for so many dietary requirements, these healthy paleo sweet potato fries are quick and easy to make, and the perfect side dish or snack. Naturally gluten-free and dairy-free, they are vegan as well as being made from the only potato allowed on a paleo diet.

Basil Chive Cucumber & Corn Salad
Here’s a simple, fresh and healthy salad recipe everyone will love. Made with fresh summer corn, crunchy cucumbers, basil, chives, and a couple tablespoons full of light mayonnaise, it’s the addition to your barbecue.

Air Fryer Red Cabbage
Air fryer red cabbage is crispy and delectable. This vibrant and flavorful side dish is quick and easy to make.

Greek Tahini Pasta Salad
Here’s a gluten free bbq side dish that you’ll want to try. It’s a simple pasta salad with fresh veggies and a creamy tahini dressing. Delicious!

Keto Cucumber Salad
This gluten free barbecue side dish is like having summer in a bowl! Keto Cucumber Salad is light, refreshing, and so EASY to make. It’s perfect for meal prep, picnics, cookouts, and potlucks. (keto, paleo, whole30, dairy free, gluten free)

Dairy Free Creamed Spinach
This healthy creamed spinach recipe is not only vegan, dairy free, gluten free, and Whole30, it’s an easy side dish to make for your next barbecue that the whole family will love.

Easy Whole30 Mashed Potatoes
Mashed potatoes are the ultimate comfort food! These easy Whole30 mashed potatoes are made with simple ingredients and are the perfect side dish for your summer barbecue.

Gluten Free Macaroni Salad
This gluten-free macaroni salad is served cold and refreshing on a hot day while still creamy and delicious. With just six main ingredients, plus spices already in your pantry, it can be ready in a pinch for any last-minute summer parties!

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The gluten-free BBQ side dishes below may also contain dairy. With watermelon playing the lead role in 3 of the dishes, you may be surprised to know just how much you can do with this summer favorite.

Curried Potato Salad
This gluten free potato salad is a great way to spice up this BBQ season!

Classic Broccoli Salad
Classic Broccoli Salad is a quick and easy dish made with fresh broccoli, cheddar cheese, sunflower seeds, red onions, and a tangy dressing. This is tossed together in a large bowl and served cold as a side dish or appetizer at your next gathering.

Air Fryer Halloumi Greek Salad
This delicious Greek style halloumi salad is loaded with air fryer halloumi, tomatoes, cucumber, red onions, olives, and greens.

Watermelon Goat Cheese Salad
This refreshing watermelon goat cheese salad is a delightful combo of bright, summery flavors! Fresh chunks of cold watermelon are tossed together with chunks of goat cheese, chopped nuts, red onion, and mint.

Watermelon and Cucumber Salad
This Watermelon and Cucumber Salad is the perfect way to celebrate a warm and sunny summer day, especially when you pair it with a light glass of wine. This healthy salad is full of watermelon, cucumber, feta, avocados, and mint.

Watermelon Pizza with Lime
Every summer BBQ requires a quintessential watermelon dish. This one is beautiful and so refreshing!

Gluten Free Cornbread
This gluten free cornbread is the perfect side dish for BBQ! It is soft, fluffy, flavorful and easy to make.


Dairy-free bbq side dishes

Unlike the gluten-free BBQ side dishes in the previous section, the recipes below are dairy-free, but may contain gluten. But don’t let that stop you from browsing. 

For example the Easy Dairy-Free Macaroni Salad was named so by the chef. However…spoiler alert…the recipe uses gluten-free pasta.

Roasted Vegetable Pasta Salad
This roasted vegetable pasta salad is a fun BBQ side dish that will be popular with kids and adults alike! Fresh vegetables, herbs and a tahini dressing combine for a tasty dish that’s very easy to make.

Dairy-Free Fruit Salad
This dairy free fruit salad is made with a delicious citrus honey dressing. It is a simple, refreshing, and beautiful dish!

Easy Dairy-Free Macaroni Salad
Sweetened with apples and kept tart with pickles, this macaroni salad recipe is simple, creamy, and the perfect addition to any summertime barbecue.

High-protein Pasta Salad
This protein pasta salad is creamy, hearty, and incredibly flavorful. A healthier side that goes well with any BBQ dishes!

The Best Vegan Potato Salad You’ll Ever Eat
Just as creamy as classic potato salad but so much better for you and more flavorful! This mayo-free vegan potato salad features perfectly tender potatoes coated in a creamy, tangy dressing that’s packed with fun flavors and takes just 30 minutes. Perfect side dish for BBQs, potlucks, and picnics.


You don’t have to limit your meal selections just because of food sensitivities. And you don’t have to sacrifice flavor or nutrition. 

I hope you enjoy trying some of these dairy and gluten-free BBQ side dishes this summer!